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Just when you thought the tweed flap bag couldn’t get any better and more gorgeous, suddenly Chanel released it in a multicolor design. Stylish, functional and up-to-date, the Multicolor Tweed Flap Bag is everything you might wish for in a flap bag. And why is that? Instead of seeing the usual classic flap bag that Chanel is known for, this one comes in a material made of tweed.

And the multicolor effect of dark blue, red and white just makes it more captivating in our eyes. What about the black chain? Oh, we totally fell in love with it because it’s unlike the other signature Chanel chains. The CC logo also completed the look of this multicolor tweed flap bag thus giving it the opulence and elegance for which Chanel bags stand for.

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You know how things go at Chanel – fast. When you start looking at the Spring Summer Collection, the Fall Winter Collection is just around the corner.

And because we’re extremely curious about the next collection, here’s a few preview to tease your bag-obsession.

So what can we expect from the Fall Winter 2016 Collection?


First, it will be all about the ‘Boys’. The Boy Chanel Galuchat Bag will return with even more stunning design. Now you can play Snow White. The Boy Galuchat Bag is crafted in shiny light grey and with white galutchat leather – it’s really like the snow.

Refined with silver hardware, check out the large shiny chain. And the iconic Boy Clasp – is your heart melting yet?


But there are more; the boy will be decorated with different patterns like this one above. It’s actually the small boy bag and Chanel is teasing you how to wear it when you want to free your hands. Just attach the chains to your belt and you will have… a belt bag.

And it’s most beautiful belt bag ever made on earth. Love it.



And if you look for luxury and elegant accessories, consider this mini clutch bag with chain. Decorated with golden lines and little pearls. It’s like a bag for the princess.

Which one is your favorite?













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We have plenty of surprises for you in 2016, but let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Before we start, allow us to remind you of something, something beautiful obvious. For the Cruise 2016 Collection, Chanel released the Squared Suede Flap Bag in mini squared, mini rectangular and medium size.

READ: Chanel Cruise 2016 Classic and Boy Bag Collection

Now what is very unusual about these bags is the new front clasp. The clasp is like this: squared, in gold with two studs on both sides and an elegant CC logo in the center. Let’s take a look at it:


The bags they’ve introduced however, are made from Suede Calfskin and Lambskin. But the bag really feels like suede, so you need to love it or leave it. If you have always bought in full-leather, then it’s not an option for you.

However, we have found something remarkable and we’re sure it’s from the Cruise 2016 Collection, so you still have enough time to run to the store and demand this bag. It’s a brand-new flap bag with the same new clasp, but not in suede, in fact it is full-leather.

Here are more surprises; it’s quilted just like the Classic Flap Bag that you love, it’s made with interwoven chain and it will make fall in love over and over again. We’re talking about the red Quilted Flap Bag in the center.

Take a look at the clasp; it’s the exact same bag. Now, we do not know the style code, nor the prices. The size should be medium and should be the same as the one in Suede. For more information, check the Chanel boutique.

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Bag Battles: The Chanel Classic Flap Bag vs. The Chanel Boy Bag

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Few brands are as deeply tied to a particular bag structure as Chanel. The legendary Coco Chanel made shoulder bags acceptably chic for upper-crust ladies over half a century ago, and the brand has been closely tied to chain straps, quilted leather and flap closures ever since. A few years ago, the Chanel Boy Bag was introduced to advance the legacy that the 2.55 Flap Bag started and the Classic Flap Bag continued.

Although the Boy Bag is a newcomer compared to the Classic Flap, it’s become so popular with customers that we have no doubt it will eventually enter into the pantheon of Chanel classics. It has the most important elements of Chanel’s signature handbag style (the aforementioned chain strap, quilted texture and flap structure), but assembled in a way that’s less delicate and formal than the flap bags that came before it. If you ever felt like the Classic Flap was too fancy or grown-up for your everyday life, the Boy Bag is a more casual, modern alternative.

On the other hand, the Boy Bag doesn’t have quite as much going for it, structure-wise. Its interior is just a single compartment lined in woven fabric, while the Classic Flap’s is lined in sumptuous burgundy leather and features several pockets and a hidden compartment for love letters. (I’m not joking–check out my roundup of fun facts about Chanel’s flap bags for more trivia.) I’ve held both, and the Classic Flap Bag just feels more luxurious to me, even though the Boy Bag is much more in line with my personal style.

The Boy Bag is less expensive than the Classic Flap, but not drastically so–the small Boy is $4,300, while the small Classic Flap is $4,900. With all those things in mind, whether I would pick the Boy or the Classic Flap comes down to which version of each I’m considering. In a hypothetical world where I’m choosing between my ideals of both, I’d probably go with a Classic Flap, but it’s a narrow win.

Now we want to hear what you think–tell us which Chanel icon you prefer in the comments!





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Chanel Boy Stingray Flap Bag For Pre-Fall 2014 Collection

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Hello there, please meet the Chanel Boy Stringray Flap Bag from the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, also known as the Métiers D’art Paris Dallas Collection.
Oh gosh, what a beautiful ‘new’ boy bag!
Nope, it’s not a new style.
You see, Chanel dropped the Boy Stingray Flap Bag in the Fall 2012 Collection, which is exactly two years ago. Then, we haven’t heard much about it. Not until today, it seems like CHANEL is bringing this classic ‘fancy’ style back to its store. But then, in a fresh new color.Chanel-Boy-Stingray-Flap-Bag-gold-2
The Chanel Boy Stingray Flap Bag in the Fall 2012 Collection was not in gold, it was embellished in silver with ruthenium hardware. But exclusively for the Pre-Fall 2014 Collection, Chanel redo the style and painted it in vintage gold, which is basically – more timeless and more love.
This boy bag is impressive and certainly a statement-maker. Carrying this beauty, in no matter what style, will leave a permanent mark to those who see you. It’s shining and the gold is embellished from the back to the front, even the hardware is in gold, it’s the ultimate luxury bag if you ask me.
The fashionista that bought this bag, wore it together with a long black evening dress, and she enriched her arms with golden accessories including this beautiful watch. If you love the color gold, then this is a must have for your wardrobe.
Surprisingly, the Chanel Boy Stingray Flap Bag in the Fall 2012 Collection was bit more expensive, it retailed for $5,100 USD. But this one is a bit cheaper, here are the details:
Chanel Boy Stingray Flap Bag
Price: $4,800 USD
Colors: Black and in silver hardware or gold in vintage gold hardware.


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Chanel Boy Wallet On Chain in Grained Calfskin

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The most popular question I get about the Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain is: ‘Does it come in Caviar?’
And I can fully understand why this question is being asked so frequently, many Chanel users are used to Caviar, they know how impeccable this leather is – its strong and heavier than the lambskin, to damage such leather, you need to be very abusive. So imagine the Boy WOC in caviar, how safe will my investment be?
But calfskin is also one of my favorite leather; at least it’s much better than lambskin, if maintenance and care is your concern of course. Lambskin has its own benefits; I mean its feel very luxurious.
This Boy WOC style is from the permanent edition, unlike the Chanel WOC Paris Dallas that has been released a few months ago. It features a long metal chain and the Boy CC Closure in golden hardware. I love how the color blue melts together with gold, the black is usually together with silver hardware. If you love gold, then this is your opportunity.
Calfskin is calfskin, what you are going to love, are the grains. You see, this Boy WOC is grained, it will feel amazing if you touch it with your hands.

Chanel Boy Wallet on Chain in Grained Calfskin
Style code: A80287
Size: 4.8’ x 7.5’ x 1.7’
Price: $2,475 USD, €1600 euro’s or $3,000 SGD.

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