New Chanel Chevron Flap Bag With Large CC Leather Strap

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Ladies, the Chanel Chevron Bag is getting a huge twist here and it’s a design you’ve never seen before. Made to be loved.

Now where should we start? Let’s talk about the front first, shall we?

The beautiful front is just like the back of the famous Chanel Classic Flap Bag. Now why is that?

Because it features the exact same pocket like the one on the back of the Classic Flap Bag.

Well, it’s a front pocket and we love that, because you know, we can store our instant-essentials in there like our coins, cards or receipts.

The front is partly covered in Chevron Quilted print, but what’s really popping out is the large leather strap with CC logo stitched on it. And the edges are also refined with hardware (check out the red bag).

This bag comes with a luxurious interwoven chain link, so you can wear it on your shoulder, cross body or even by hand.

Overall, what we love is the new exciting design – it’s like an urban-chic everyday bag, don’t you think


New Chanel Chevron Flap Bag With Large CC Leather Strap

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Chanel Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere Bag Reference Guide

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Introducing the Chanel Film Projector Buonasera Minaudiere Bag. Chanel’s newest minaudiere was obviously inspired by a vintage film projector. This was first seen during the Paris in Rome Métiers d’Art Pre-Fall 2016 runway show and has become an instant hit. It is made of resin and brass and has strass embellishments on the lens part. The bag features an interlocking CC logo on its body and includes a shoulder strap.

Style, Price & Size

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I’d like to give a few attentions to the Chanel Bowling Bag, especially since it has (partly) stolen the name from my dear friend ‘Chanel Mademoiselle Bag’. And yes I haven’t forgotten about the mademoiselle, though it has been off radar lately. Just to clarify it all here, so we don’t have miscommunication and so on; the mademoiselle bag was also known for the Bowling bag, ironic huh?

Pictures can be deceiving, we all know that – super skinny models on billboards. Photoshop does wonders these days and snapping images on different angles can hide the rest of the story. So when Chanel showed the front of the Bowling Bag, you can’t see what’s behind, can you?


The Chanel Bowling Bag is actually a large duffle bag, unlike the mademoiselle bag, it’s crafted to function rather flaunt. With Elements de Chanel embellished, you can’t go wrong; it’s quilted, a long leather strap with CC signature crafted is attached to the zipper. Two durable handles with silver eyelets and to maximize its carrying-potential – it’s designed as boxy as a squared ice cube.

Remember those days when you go to your friend’s house after work and then stay the night. Well, remember to take a large bag that can store your next-day essentials. Available in two sizes; large and small. Here are the vital details and prices:


Chanel Bowling Bag
Style code: A94056
Size: 6.3 x 12.6 x 8.3 inches


Chanel Small Bowling Bag
Style code: A94054
Size: 5.1 x 8.7 x 5.5 inches

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If there’s anything ‘classic’ about the brand Chanel, then it must be their interwoven chain links. Almost in every single of their ‘most sought after’ bags are embellished with chain links, but what if it is embossed into the flap, how much classic do we get?

Because we’ve already covered this bag extensively, TWICE, we will just go straight to the point. We purposely uploaded this picture to give you another look of its beauty. So what do you think?

This bag is also available in small size, kind-of the Wallet on Chain to be more specific, which is ideal as a evening accessory.

Crafted from lambskin, the style code is A90035. If you need to know to the prices, then check the details on our other post.

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Chanel Soft Lambskin Pouches
Style code: A82502
Size: 8.9′ x 12.8′ x 0.8′ inches. inches

Looking for that perfect evening pouch yet that resembles the look of an envelope couldn’t decide which one to set your eyes on? Let us make the process easier for you as we introduce the latest Soft Lambskin Pouches from Chanel.

Made from lambskin, calfskin and ruthenium metal, this black and charcoal colored pouch is just too lovely not to notice. Can we say that we are loving that beautiful shiny CC logo on the center? It made all the difference especially as it was laid there against a dark black backdrop.

Smooth in texture, elegant and ultra plush, this Chanel Soft Lambskin Pouch is just too good to be true. But mind you, good luxurious things exist in the House of Chanel.



Chanel Small Soft Lambskin Pouches
Style code: A82501
Size: 5.9′ x 8.9′ x 0.8′ inches



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Here’s another boy from the Paris Dallas 2016 Collection.

I have already lost count of how many Boy Bags I’ve screened in my life. Each season Chanel drops another limited edition ‘Boy’ in new styles, colors and design. Like a few days ago, when we extensively talked about the new Chanel Boy Studded Bag, it was embellished with large vintage studs on the edges and totally-out-of-control beautiful.

And because some bags are not published on Chanel’s official website, you need to visit their physical store and ask. It’s like a surprise box, you never know what inside until you open it.

But perhaps that is why we love Chanel so much – we love surprises and they give us surprises, like ‘Surprise, price increase!’

The Chanel Metallized CC Boy Flap is purposely created to celebrate the love between Texas Dallas and Chanel Paris. That’s why they crafted a star and an oversized CC logo on the front. The bag is entirely metalized and adorned with strass in the center. The tiny studded pieces together, they ‘bling’ like a Swarovski stones. And of course, the can’t-miss Boy signature logo on the front to finalize the design.

If you don’t have a boy yet, you should head over to the ‘permanent collection’. But if you desire for something unique and different, this bag is in limited edition, only available for this season, therefore once you buy it and patiently wait for a year or so, you will be one of the few to own such gorgeous.

You can find the latest prices of the Boy Collection and the sizes at Chanel Bags Prices.



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