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Chanel Classic Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag (also known as WOC) is a part of the ‘classic’ collection, so no wonder they are among the favorite style staples of bag lovers out there. However, we love to see them getting a fresh new look thus offering us new choices and we are just as excited and thrilled to introduce to you this newest Chanel Chevron Classic Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag.

Intriguingly beautiful in every aspect, this classic crowd favorite is a sight to behold in its Chevron version. Made from genuine lambskin leather and in Chevron thick quilting, this proves to show that it might be a game changer when it comes to owning a Chanel WOC.

Comparing it with the Classic Diamond Quilted WOC, this Chevron Classic Quilted WOC looks modish and more polished. It’s as if this was beautifully and wonderfully made for the modern-day cosmopolitan woman as she strides in style.

As an additional information, from all the existing WOC’s, the Classic Quilted Wallet On Chain Bag is the most popular. This version also comes in other colors, check with the SA for more information.

Style code A33814, measuring 4.8” x 7.6” x 1.4” inches, priced at $2100 USD, €1740 euro, £1630 GBP, $2900 SGD, $2780 AUD, $14600 HKD, ¥222480 JPY via Chanel boutiques.


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Delvaux Introduces Vernis Gel Calfskin for Spring/Summer 2017

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Delvaux has recently introduced their latest material for their Spring/Summer 2017 Collection. The new Vernis Gel Calfskin is available in Brillant Mini and Tempête Micro Bags. It is also available in their Small Leather Goods such as Brillant Coin Purse, Brillant and Madame Charms. The Vernis Gel Calfskin comes in pastel colors including Lilas, Citron and Nude, as well as basic colors like Ivory, Citroin and Indigo.

Style & Price



Delvaux Vernis Gel Calfskin Brillant Mini Bag €3,540.00
Delvaux Vernis Gel Calfskin Tempête Micro €2,460.00
Delvaux Vernis Gel Calfskin Brillant Coin Purse €600.00


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Chanel Pre-Spring 2017 Little Boy Chanel

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Because I’ve been getting so many DMs, Messenger messages and emails regarding these puppies that were posted on Instagram today, I thought, hey, might as well do a quick blog post.

Yes, these are from Chanel’s Pre-Spring 2017 collection, a pair of Chanel’s very popular Boy Chanel bags that are now available in-store at boutiques locally. Measuring just 20 cm by 12 cm by 7 cm, these wee beauties come in Caviar leather (yes, my absolute favourite kind, grained calf leather), come in colours Black and Fuchsia and are perhaps the prettiest bags around today you can spend your hard-earned SGD5710 on. Or send this post to your loved one and keep those fingers really crossed till Valentine’s Day.

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Rising Trend: Vanity Case Bags

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Spring-Summer 2017 Accessories Supreme

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Mention Supreme to anyone and you’ll either get a blank look or a knowing smile. Yes, it’s THE brand that produces the most bizarre accessories and it’s something you either love, or hate. As for myself, I’m pretty new to Supreme, and began my collection a couple years back when I paid a premium to get some cool accessories (actually just a Supreme-branded hand grip and some badges) at a reseller store in Tokyo. I even queued (I don’t queue. Period) in the rain when I was in New York City last year in November just to get some goodies. It’s almost a quest of sorts. You know those apartments with Hello Kitty-branded everything? I want mine to be branded with everything Supreme. Get it?

And while I was fortunate to get some pieces from their F/W16 collection, I have my doubts regarding scoring anything from their upcoming S/S17 collection, especially with Louis Vuitton’s latest collaboration that must have surely made the brand more ‘mainstream’ than ever before. Still, I’m hopeful, and some of the pieces I want include what you see above, from Supreme-branded metal storage boxes (oh yes!) to a stool from Artek Aalto. There is the the pills ceramic tray, the beaded curtain (yes, crazy, I know) and even the pocket measuring tape that are definitely must-haves.

Now excuse me while I go plot hard on how to make it even possible and please wish me (and my wallet) luck.

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Coach’s Pretty, Prairie-Inspired Fall 2017

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